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Anthony Krafft was the founder of this family publishing project to which he dedicated 35 years of his life. Based in Pully, Switzerland, Anthony Krafft Publisher has a strong link with Europe, and in particular with Italy.

Anthony Krafft Publisher is known and appreciated all over the world. The first project was Architecture Formes Fonctions (AF+F, 1954-1971), a series of 16 books on architecture, urbanism and art that gathered and published the works of the most important international architects, including those of renowned Swiss architects. Anthony Krafft was awarded the silver medal in 1987 and the gold medal in 1991 at the World Architecture Biennale in Sofia for the quality of his works.

Flipping through the collections of annual issues designed and produced by Anthony Krafft, one is faced with a panorama of all the buildings that, in every field and in every country, were considered and remain the most eloquent illustrations of the creativity of the modern movement. Anthony Krafft had for correspondent and friends all those who have left a mark in the history of architecture. In Brazil, it was Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa. In Italy, Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi, in the USA, Richard Neutra or Marcel Breuer, in Switzerland, Jean Tschumi, in France André Wogenscky, Georges Candilis, Claude Parent, Ionel Schein, in Japan, Kenzo Tange and Maekawa, in Mexico, Felix Candela, in India, Raj Rewal. Great critics and historians of art and architecture of the time, such as Alberto Sartoris and Michel Ragon, regularly collaborated with him. He loved and published many artists. He was the first to speak of his admiration for Berto Lardera, Yaacov Agam, Luc Peire, Marino di Teana, Pierre Szekely and Mathias Goeritz. Anthony Krafft had the serene obstinacy of those who patiently devote their energy to the same work and, as such, he was close to the artists and architects he admired.

He used to quote Le Corbusier: "I feel young, and I want to participate in something lively and groundbreaking before I die. I do not want to be charming, but to be strong. I don't want to be frozen, I don't want to be preserved, but I want to act and create!"

Anthony Krafft Publisher will have published 16 international volumes under the name Architecture Forms and Functions, 12 volumes of the Contemporary Architecture series (A.C.), Giulia Veronesi "Style 1925" Triumph and Fall of the Arts Deco, Justus Dahinden "Think-feel-act", H.R. Von der Mühll "De l'architecture" 50 years of writings on architecture, Alberto Sartoris "L'actualité du modernisme", Daniel Grataloup "Espace-temps-volumes-dynamique" for a new architecture, Charles-André Meyer "L'architecture patrimoniale", André Felix "40 years of innovation in architecture".

In 1972, the project AS: Documentation of Swiss Architecture and the Arts was born - AS is still published 4 times a year in French and German. In 1991, Mita Krafft-Gloria took over the reins of Anthony Krafft Publisher and developed AS with new international sections. She edited AS with strength and bravery until 2015. Since then, Frederic Krafft-Gloria has been at the helm of Anthony Krafft Publisher. In 2022, 50 years of production were celebrated. AS is an exceptional encyclopedia of Swiss architecture with thousands of projects and articles available in digital and paper format.

The present represents the renaissance of the production of books on architecture, art and photography. The aim is to continue the revival of a family project, independent and of high quality in both production and editorial choices. Italian elegance and Swiss quality open to the world.


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