Architecture Forms Fonctions is a serie of books published between 1954 and 1971 (under the name Construction for the first 2 issues).

This serie offers an exceptional panorama of architecture, urban planning and the arts during this period.

The most important names ( Marcel Breuer, Lucio Costa, Richard Neutra, Max Bill, Jean Tschumi, Jacob Bakema and many more  ) are represented by texts and projects.

A festival of modern architecture. 

An incredible testimony and documentation of Swiss and international architecture as well as art, urbanism, techniques and critics.

Available in open access thanks to the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (FOC).

Le Corbusier wrote: "You don't revolutionise by revolutionising, but by solving problems", and Ettore Bugatti added: "It would be possible for us to advance much more rapidly in all areas if our complacency didn't make us forget and disdain what has gone before us. We tend to believe that before us there was nothing worthy of interest. Unfortunately, this conception of the past weighs on our judgements in a harmful way and we are witnessing the vogue for mediocrity, not because better would be more expensive, but because we don't know how to do better".

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